YELP! How to handle a bad (buggy) New Jersey restaurant review


What does your Yelp review say about your New Jersey restaurant?

Don’t just look at the 4+ stars read the 1, 2 and 3 star reviews as well and you may gain some insight into what can be improved upon. We will leave the staff and atmosphere suggestions to you. If a pest sighting is brought up we can deal with that distraction. In these days of instant social media posts, pest issues can ruin an eateries reputation faster than wild fire.


There is nothing more unappetizing to a diner than a bug sighting. If your business is struggling with an infestation we can help you correct it quickly and permanently.


Here are a few tips:


  1. Address the issue with your current pest control provider, and if they can’t or won’t get on top of it, consider looking for a company that will.
  2. Invest in a pest management firm that puts together a comprehensive and complete program to address not only the obvious issue(s) but creates solutions that will eliminate future pests. You are looking for a proactive company that will work with you to protect your reputation, no matter what.
  3. Be ready to do your part. Close-up gaps. Reevaluate your cleaning and sanitation program with recommendations from your pest control provider.
  4. Get ahead of any problems that can come up.


Building a partnership is critical to maintaining a pest-free environment. It may seem counter intuitive from a restaurant point of view. Unfortunately there is no secret sauce that can kill all of the cockroaches in a kitchen. A solid plan that addresses problem areas within a building and puts policies and procedures into place for long-terms solutions will not only kill off the cockroaches but will keep them from coming back.


Mutual cooperation and a partnership with a committed pest management firm is a key to rescuing the negative reputation. A pest control provider that is doing EVERYTHING they can, in conjunction with, a restaurant staff that is doing EVERYTHING they can as well. These steps will rectify a problem in a short amount of time.


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