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The Problem with Rodents for New Jersey Business Owners

New Jersey rodent control


Rodent infestations are a common occurrence in commercial structures. But that doesn’t mean they should be overlooked. Rats, mice and other rodents can contaminate food products and food preparation areas, spread disease through their droppings, damage inventory or the building structure itself with their incessant gnawing and even put a building at an increased fire risk if they chew on electrical wires. And that’s not to mention the poor impression that signs of a rodent infestation can have on a business’ reputation.


How Rodents Enter a Structure

When the weather turns cold, rodents are looking to seek out food, water and shelter for the winter months. They will typically enter a building where utilities and plumbing come in around pipes and cables, through open doors and garage doors, gaps in the exterior of the building, old and worn out weather strips on doors, broken screens and more. If landscaping or groundcover is overgrown around the perimeter of a building it can attract rodents and other pests whose next natural move will be to attempt to enter the building when the weather turns cold.


Trius for Rodent Proofing Your Business

For a long-term fix for rodent control issues you must rodent proof the exterior of the structure. Trius can help! We begin by doing a thorough survey of the exterior perimeter of the property. Smaller gaps can be filled using rodent proof materials. Larger flaws in the building that are uncovered during inspection will need to be addressed by a contractor.  Windows, vents and door thresholds should all be thoroughly examined. We can replace nearly all door thresholds as needed whether it is a personnel door, a loading dock door or more.


And our rodent proofing efforts don’t stop there! Rodents are capable of entering a building through holes as small as a quarter inch in diameter and are known to be excellent climbers. Mice and rats can climb vertically on the inside or the outside of larger pipes to enter buildings on higher floors. Therefore, rodent proofing higher levels of a building as well as the interior of a building is also essential.


A reliable rodent detection system in place along with proactive inspections by our pest specialists can alert you early on to an infestation. The earlier that we uncover and address a rodent infestation the faster we can gain control of the problem.


Trius this winter for rodent exclusion on your building. Call today to learn more!