Pest Control For NJ Property Managers

The role of the person in charge of running a facility is to make a profit for themselves and their investors. We at Trius Pest Management are aware that our service is one you wish would go away. And yet not as yet, nothing gets your attention faster than a call from one of your tenants to a Health Department, and then to you.

Your desire is prompt, effective, professional service, that doesn’t break the bank! We are very familiar with the lowest bid syndrome.

We can craft a program that is effective, without services you really do not need. And most importantly, we will perform what we promise to do, you can trust us. Too often, you accept the lowest bid only to find the service you expected is not actually being performed, resulting in a bigger problem.

We communicate (if you wish) directly with your tenants to provide service at a time and in a manner that suits their unique needs.

Property Managers are struggling with concerns over bed bugs. The National Pest Management Association (NPMA) addresses the problem in their article Don’t let the bedbugs bite your association. NPMA reports in their latest Bugs Without Borders Report that bed bug infestations are increasing across the U.S. Bed bugs can thrive in a close living environment like that of an apartment or condominium complex. We can assist you in creating a proactive Bed Bug Action Plan to help you:

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