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How does your rodent program look?


When we take over services from another Commercial Pest Management company, I am often times surprised at what I find. A recent account that we took over was so poorly maintained that it inspired me to take pictures and document just how ineffective these efforts were. I’m not going to say where or what company was servicing this account, but I challenge you to take a look at the stations currently in place at your place of business to evaluate the type of service you are getting.  Consider this…


Is it secured and locked?

My initial observation is that the station is not locked. Despite this station having two different locks: a hex head screw right in the middle hole between the two rectangular ones and the zip tie or temporary lock in the round hole just above the rectangular space. This particular station has two different ways to be locked and neither is being used. An unlocked station is a risk and a liability as children and pets can come into direct contact with the rodenticide and even rodents inside. This is certainly a sign of cutting corners and makes you wonder where else the current company may be cutting corners on service.


Is it clean and in good condition?

If the stations on your property looks like the one below then either have the pest control provider rectify the situation quickly or find a new provider. If a third party such as the A.I.B. or the F.D.A. saw this during an inspection it would be an immediate fail. Even local health inspectors could make life difficult over something like this.



Stations like this with old and leftover droppings and stale and moldy baits are not only unattractive to us but also to rodents. Your chances of attracting rodents to this station are very slim.


Is it properly labeled?


The next question that comes to mind is what type of bait is being used here and when was this station last serviced. Unfortunately with no calendar sticker and no warning or caution label we cannot answer those questions. By law when using restricted use rodenticides we are required to list a common name and active ingredient on the station and list our company contact information. That information should be clear and legible in case of emergency.


If the rodent stations at your facility resemble those pictured here then it is time to question your current pest provider. Taking the time to occasionally inspect what you expect is being done may open your eyes to the type of service that you are currently getting.


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