Pest Control For NJ Municipalities

A municipality is a complex system of multiple interests, concerns and responsibilities. In most cases, pest management falls under the responsibility of the Health Officer. Our experience with Health Officers is that they lead hectic work lives with their day-to-day responsibilities and their many various tasks, making pest management one more thing on their to-do list and it is likely not something that they specialize in.

At Trius Pest Management, we practice pest management daily, we go to school on a regular basis, and we routinely introduce new and improved materials and methods to our clients. Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is the law in your towns Public Schools. We understand and adhere to strict IPM Guidelines in our everyday lives and can help you to implement a successful IPM program in your municipality.

Organic materials for mosquito, tick and fly control in public venues are available and can be effective. “Targeted Termite control is available when necessary”.

Bed bugs are becoming an ever increasing concern across our country. We can assist you in creating a proactive Bed Bug Action Plan to help you:

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