Pest Control For DayCare in NJ

We understand that the care and well-being of the young children at your facility is your number one priority. The children you care for deserve and often times require a pest-free environment. Children have special needs including sensitivities and allergies that we always consider when drafting a unique plan for your facility.

Spills and food crumbs are unavoidable with children around. But these droppings inside and out attract ants and sweet drinks draw bees. Pests indoors can cause allergies and be an asthma trigger in young and old and stinging insects can result in dangerous and even life threatening reactions. We are sensitive to just how important proper pest management at a day care facility can be.

We are prepared to offer non-pesticide, non-intrusive, non-disruptive methods and materials to achieve the goals we mutually agree on. What we need from you is the opportunity to visit your facility and listen to you needs, concerns and requests. We promise to provide effective, fair-priced service at a time, on a day, at a frequency and in a manner that you, the person in charge choose.

According to the National Pest Management Association, 41% of Pest Management Professionals have encountered bed bugs in schools and day care centers. We can offer you a proactive Bed Bug Action Plan including:

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