Ticks in New Jersey


As of 2010, New Jersey has had the highest incidence of reported cases of Lyme disease than any other state. If left untreated, the disease can become debilitating with lifelong implications. Families are taking the threat of tick-borne illness seriously and our Tick Management Program was developed to protect Northern New Jersey families and their pets.


If you or someone you know have been bitten by a tick please refer to the CDC Guidelines for Tick Removal.

Lyme Disease Prevention Practices

We are often asked by our customers how they can reduce their risk of contracting Lyme disease. We like to refer them to the guidelines of the BLAST Program put together by the town of Ridgefield, CT. Their acronym BLAST suggests you:

B: Bathe soon after spending time outdoors
L: Look over your body for ticks daily and remove them properly.
A: Apply repellants appropriately when spending time outdoors.
S: Spray the yard to reduce tick populations. They indicate on their website that some studies show that even one application of pesticide at the right time of the year and in the best location can reduce blacklegged tick populations by 85-95%
T: Treat your pets for ticks.

Controlling Ticks in New Jersey

Our pro-active, preventative tick program has proven quite effective when performed consistently in the spring, summer and fall, but may begin at any time of the year.

The granular material that we use is particularly popular not only because it works, but because it is not weather sensitive and more importantly your children and pets can go outside immediately, with no waiting period.

For those clients who wish we have a “low impact” material for tick control. It works a little slower, but still proves to be effective.

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