According to the National Pest Management Association, termites cause more than $5 Billion in property damage each year! They are known as silent destroyers as they quietly eat their way through your home or structure. They can go unnoticed until a termite swarm occurs during the spring, a real estate transaction takes place or construction is done on a home.

So how can you avoid having your NJ home quietly destroyed by termites?

We highly recommend two things to pro-actively protect your home or business from termites:

  1. Have an annual termite inspection done on your home
  2. Have a termite monitoring system installed on your property

The most common Termite in Northern New Jersey is the Eastern Subterranean Termite. Termites are very often confused with ants and your best means of identification is to contact a pest professional who can confirm the pest identification.

Here’s the difference between an ant and a termite..

If evidence of termite activity has been noted during a Real Estate Transaction you should understand that determining whether termites are active or inactive is very difficult, if not impossible. Termites live deep within the walls of a structure and termite colonies exist far beneath a home. Discovering termites in a home may not be the end of the world. But, you must take action by treating for termites and monitoring for activity going forward.

When active termites are found in a home there are numerous methods of treating a structure, some of which are:

Typically a pest management firm chooses one over another. Here at Trius Pest Management, we use a combination of all four. This results in a more effective treatment, several lines of defense and substantially lowers fees.

We feel that termite monitors are an important part of any protocol but alone will not cure a termite problem. They should be used is in addition to Liquid termiticide, foam termiticide, structure modification, and liquid borates. Adding a Termite Monitoring System to each and every termite service as an additional line of defense is prudent in protecting your largest investment, your home. Remember, termites are typically hidden inside the walls of a structure, looking inside the walls to confirm they are gone, is not practical.

Termite monitors are installed in select soil locations as part of every termite service we perform. Because a typical termite infestation has a source outside the structure, and because monitors intercept and detect ongoing activity, monitors prove to be very useful. As we inspect and confirm activity, we can treat and control them there with a low level bait.

The benefit of this methodology is less quantity of pesticides (Termiticides), lower fees, and confirmed control.

We are as passionate as you are when it comes to protecting your largest investment, your home. Contact us today, we will treat your home as if it were our own.

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