Spiders in New Jersey

Spiders are one of the most common pests to invade our Northern New Jersey homes. Spiders have been attached to urban myths and provoke fear in many with their mysterious ways. Rest assured that the average person WILL NOT swallow eight spiders a year when sleeping! This is just another belief that PestWorld sets straight in their Debunking Common Spider Myths article. Spiders really are beneficial to us and our gardens by reducing many of the disease carrying pests that threaten us and destroy our crops.

But regardless of the benefits of spiders, we understand that you simply don’t want spiders lurking in the dark, undisturbed corners of your home. Nor do you want to see the spider webs which can be more of a nuisance than the spiders themselves.

Let’s take a look at some of the spiders common to Northern New Jersey.

Wolf Spider

Wolf spiders are very large, hairy spiders that may make you look twice, believing someone must be pulling a prank on you! They are startling to find in your home because they can grow to be very large, some females can grow to almost an inch and a half in size with a thick, heavy body. They rarely bite unless they are provoked or handled. These large and fast moving spiders enter your home in search of a meal source which is commonly houseflies, cockroaches, crickets and even grasshoppers. These spiders are not true web spinners, although females will produce a web to carry around her young. These spiders are hunters and have excellent eyesight, normally they see you coming before you even see them. There are also known for their eyeshine which is a glowing effect that occurs if you shine a light at them.

New Jersey Common House Spider

Just as the name suggests if you are noticing spiders inside of your home there is a good chance it is the common house spider. They are commonly found not only inside of the home but in the garage, shed, barn, etc. They require humidity and plenty of insects for their food source to survive. They pose no threat to humans but their webs can be a real nuisance around the home.

New Jersey Cellar Spider also known as Daddy Long Legs

Cellar spiders are mostly found by windows and in dark, damp, undisturbed areas of the home like your basement and crawl space. They prefer areas with high relative humidity. They are slow moving and easy to capture or stomp on. Instead of cleaning their old webs they continuously build new webbing which can quickly fill your corners. They feed on common household pests and having cellar spiders around may actually be a sign that their food source is nearby, meaning you have another pest problem in the home. These spiders cause no appreciable damage, but they can quickly fill up your space with unsightly webs.

New Jersey Brown Recluse Spider

The Brown Recluse Spider is one species that you want to avoid. These brown spiders are usually about a half inch in size and have a distinctive dark brown violin marking on their back. They mostly live outside in wood piles and other debris but will infest a shed, garage, basement or home if they can gain access living in dark, secluded corners.

While they are not commonly found around a home, infestations have been reported in New Jersey. They bite only in defense and your best way to avoid such a bite is to avoid leaving shoes in the garage or clothing on the floor. Check articles of clothing before wearing them if they have been left in dark spaces, in the garage or on the floor before wearing them. Their bites will cause an open wound that can be life threatening in certain circumstances.

Reducing spiders around your New Jersey home:

The Trius Home Protection Plan can help to reduce spiders around the home by controlling other pests that they use as their food source.

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