Mice/Rats in New Jersey


Mice infestations are extremely common in New Jersey and throughout the country. In fact, the National Pest Management Association reports that an estimated 21 million homes in the U.S. are invaded by mice and other rodents each winter! Although it is a common occurrence there are many threats posed by mice and a few mice in a home can turn into a major infestation in a short time. Consider these facts reported take from Pestworld.org:

Mice come in from the outside, mostly in the fall when the weather turns colder. They are in search of warmth, shelter, moisture and a food source. Your home or building provides the perfect environment for mice to thrive indoors and they are quite comfortable living among humans coming out at night in search of food.

Mice breed throughout the year, with as many as 6-20 litters of 2-15 per litter. This means that a healthy pair of adult mice can produce 100-130 young in just twelve (12) months inside of your home!

Preventing a mouse infestation in New Jersey:

While there are many mouse control products on the market, control without a thorough understanding of mice habits can be extremely difficult without the help of a pest professional. And while you may be able to catch or bait mice, if you don’t identify the source in the home in which they are entering and exclude them the battle will be ongoing.

Rats in New Jersey

Rats are typically happy to confine themselves to the outdoors. However, the recent weather events like Hurricane Sandy displaced many rats sending indoor populations sky rocketing. Rats pose all of the same dangers to have indoors as mice do and then some.

Roof Rats in New Jersey

Roof rats enter the upper part of a structure through holes as small as a half inch in diameter. They can infest a roof and the upper level of a home or building quickly posing fire hazards as they chew through insulation and into electrical wires. They are known to carry disease include the bubonic plague and carry fleas, ticks and other insects indoors.

Norway Rats in New Jersey

Norway rats can squeeze through a hole in a structure as small as a half inch. They pose a threat to properties in the same way that other rodent infestations do and prompt action is recommended when an infestation occurs. They are excellent climbers and look to enter a home as the weather cools in New Jersey in search of food sources inside.

Controlling Rats in Your New Jersey Home or Business:

Rats are extremely difficult to control with do-it-yourself measures and although baiting and glue traps may work to catch some rats the smell of a decomposing rat can be unbearable in a home and will attract flies and other pests. Working together with a pest professional is highly recommended.

The habits that attract mice to your home will also attract rats. Follow these tips to reduce your risk of an infestation:

Contact a pest professional promptly at the first sign of a rat infestation.

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