Fly Control

Indoor Fly Control in New Jersey

Flies are a real nuisance inside a structure and not easily tolerated. It may be possible that the flies you see are breeding on a dead animal such as a bird or squirrel in a wall, chimney, or attic space. But the most common activity occurs on a warm day when flies are coming out of hibernation (they were likely living inside the walls during the winter). Typically this occurs in early spring, however, an unusually warm fall or winter day will also trigger it.

If you care to notice, the flies are a bit slow and sluggish, but they all perform the same habit of congregating by the windows. They bump and buzz up against the glass because they are trying to find a way out.

Preventing flies from getting in, in the first place is probably a futile effort. A building is built to breath and closing up all small openings could result in moisture build up.

We can typically achieve indoor fly control with the use of sticky traps and ultraviolet light fly traps. An ongoing service with us will include the replacement of the bulbs which should be replaced every six (6) months.

Flies indoors seem harmless enough but the typical house fly can carry over 100 different types of disease-carrying germs! Follow these tips to prevent common household flies in New Jersey:

Flies – Outside

Flies outside are typically associated with decaying material (leaf litter, dead animal, pet waste, garbage). The removal of the source resolves the problem or prevents it to begin with.

If flies are a common problem outside of your home or business there are various baits both liquid and granular for outside use only. They are effective if applied on a regular basis and we highly recommend a pest professional for this job.

If you are eating on your deck/patio or having an outdoor party, and want to avoid an outdoor fly problem contact us! We have organic non-pesticide materials that works quite well.

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