The Two Top Places Pests Use to Get Into Your NJ Home and Business

As New Jersey temperatures begin to drop and the much needed rain moves in, pests and wildlife seek out shelter for the winter.  Now is the time to inspect the exterior of your facility or home to ensure it is pest-proof. After all, when it comes to pests, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

With all of the homes that I have treated and my close to two decades of experience in this industry I can tell you the main two ways pests are entering your home. And, I can help keep them out.

The first and most over looked place that pests are sneaking in is right at your feet… your doors.


It seems a bit obvious, but old and dilapidated door sweeps are one of the main areas we find pests gaining access to the inside of homes and businesses. Some say that if a pen can fit underneath it then a mouse can squeeze through.

The second entryway for pests into your home is where the utilities come inside.


I’ve noticed that for some reason cable companies drill 3/4 inch holes to pit a 1/4 inch cable through, then they do not fill in around it. This is the perfect space for insects as well as mice and other rodents to enter your home.

These are two most popular entryways that pests are accessing your home and businesses.  However, when we perform exclusion work for homes and businesses we have a full checklist to inspect and correct.

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