Birds in New Jersey

When birds nest around a home or business the result could mean costly repairs. In fact, statistics show that birds cause millions of dollars in damage in the U.S. every year. Besides repairs, birds can spread disease through their droppings, leave behind mites in their nesting sites and even spread bacteria and attract pests to an area when a bird dies. Birds can also be a nuisance to have around. They can sometimes nest in inconvenient or even dangerous places around a home or business.

Bird Control in New Jersey

We offer a full range of bird control solutions and will devise a plan for your structure’s unique needs. Our services include bird prevention, control and clean-up. All of our services are performed in a humane and yet effective way.

Hiring a bird control specialist is a smart approach to bird control. Some bird species are protected by local, state or federal laws. And control goes beyond removing the birds from the area, you must ensure that you change the environment to prevent them from returning.

Our bird control methods vary, depending on the unique needs of the situation. We will typically use a combination of:

Pigeons in New Jersey

Pigeons, in particular, can be a costly nuisance around a home or business. Their nests will clog drains and their droppings will require regular power washing or they will quickly corrode finishes. It has been said that a pigeon will produce 25 pounds of droppings per year! You can imagine the mess that a flock of pigeons can create.

Pigeon Control in New Jersey

While our pigeon control solutions typically vary depending on the unique needs of the situation, we offer an effective method to reduce pigeon populations. It includes pre-feeding the pigeons an attractive food source that is later altered to include a substance that results in sterile eggs.

The result of the pigeon sterilization is less pigeons of course, but has the additional benefit of encouraging them to move elsewhere. This science and methodology is a little complex but very successful, and most importantly, it is of no harm to other bird species.

Bird Control Tips for NJ Homeowners

If birds have been a problem around your home in the past be particularly vigilant in the spring. Birds can often be found nesting in vents and attics. One way to prevent this is to install vent covers to keep birds from entering the home.

If you discover a bird’s nest around your home and there are no dangers associated with the birds being there consider letting it alone. It will typically only be a few weeks before the young birds fly off and the nesting material can be removed. After they leave the opening in the home should be patched up so as not to attract other birds to the home.

If, however, you discover a bird’s nest around your home in a hazardous area, such as a dryer or stove vent, then it would need to be removed immediately and we highly recommend you work together with a bird professional. They can help ensure that proper exclusion work is performed in the area to ensure that the birds do not return.

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